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Global African Filmmakers is a union created to unite African Filmmakers from across the globe. This organization, founded by Stella Damasus, was set up to build a community for African immigrant filmmakers in the diaspora and around the world, with the aim of protecting their rights and interests. 

GAF's vision is to impact the lives of African filmmakers who dare to step out of their comfort zone and country into a new world filled with challenges, giving them a sense of belonging, community, support, opportunities, wider reach, and a place where their voices are heard.

In the United States alone, there are hundreds of thousands of African creatives scattered all over the 50 states. Our mission is to collate data for us creatives so that we can connect and build a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.
We need the knowledge, ideas, tools, and information to navigate through creating and distributing our content where we live by engaging with one another, aligning with our local film offices, House of Representatives, Studio Executives, Governor's office, Festival Directors, Film Distributors, Investors and others who can provide us with valuable insight.

GAF seeks to be the one-stop shop for all who need crew members, actors, directors, producers, etc, of African descent for their projects. We intend to bring our authenticity, creativity, and unique filmmaking style to an economy where funding is difficult to acquire. 
This organization is our voice, as we have struggled to be seen and heard for years. We can finally have representation in our domain, where getting agents and management has proven difficult for us as immigrants.

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Founder/President of Global African Filmmakers

There is strength in numbers, so it is essential for us to collaborate and be united. Why grow alone when we can grow together?

- Stella Damasus

Our Mission
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Our Mission

To bring African Filmmakers from across the globe together, with the aim of protecting their rights and interests and finding solutions to challenges as a collective. 

Founder's Mission

To build a global collaborative community of 20,000 members and more who will be empowered and connected worldwide, with every country having a chapter and country chair to oversee their work. 

Our Vision

We aim to be a home for African filmmakers globally, where we can get the tools, information, education, collaboration, and support we need to create, execute, and distribute our content globally. It is also a place where our intellectual property will be protected so that we can continue to earn a living from what we know to do best.

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Our Strategy

ADVISORY BOARD: These experts and experienced individuals in their fields will mentor and guide us on the journey to achieve our goals.

HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS: These leaders take charge of different areas within the organization to make sure every area is running concurrently, e.g., finance, legal, content, PR, events, etc.

ACTIVITIES: We will organize meetings, seminars, workshops, awards, meetups, showcases, and various events to foster unity and community. 

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We Need Your Support Today!

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